We get this additional period many questions about gas cylinders. To cook on camping or barbecue, you need a gas bottle, but what type of cylinder you need and what about the return and exchange? We put the most frequently asked questions in a row. Remember to find some camping meal ideas in advance

This depends on the purpose for which you are going to use the gas cylinder. Come to our store, our experienced staff to help you on your way!

Yes, gas cylinders we can exchange us for a full in our assortment. You pay only for the filling. We ensure proper disposal of empty bottles.

Last spring has changed the rules around the green Calor gas bottle but now revised again. Stating that exchange after May 1 was no longer possible, no longer apply. What about now?

  • Green gas cylinders under the age of 10 years if ingested or a fee of € 4.25.
  • Easy Blue 5 KG gas bottle (to be owned). Purchase price: € 44.95, padding: € 16.95
  • Natural Blue 6 KG lightweight steel (deposit). Purchase price: € 44.95, filling: € 19.95 / deposit € 25, –

This can be done in different ways:

  • In a steel cylinder, you can use the gas level indicator of Bo-camp. This indicates the gas level after a few minutes.
  • Weigh the cylinder. The gas cylinder is empty weight (tare) of the bottle. Weigh the cylinder and pull the empty weight from the total weight. This is the net volume of the cylinder.

This depends on the device you will use. On the unit always indicates the pressure regulator you need. Turn not from here.

Which can? Bottle transport always upright with the gas up and make them always firmly. Always close the gas tap and pull the bottle out of the car when you reach your destination. just leave an empty gas cylinder filled at an approved filling station or exchange it for a full one.

  • Always keep a bottle upright in a cool, well-ventilated place.
  • Never in the sun and dig him out.
  • A gas cylinder transport also upright with the gas up and make them always firmly.
  • Always use a pressure regulator and an approved propane hose. The pressure regulator must be replaced every five years. The house every two years. Periodically check the rubber ring not dried out or cracked. This prevents that gas may leak.
  • Put cylinders always can not accumulate in the space in a well-ventilated area, so that any gas released.
  • Always make sure that when connecting or changing gas cylinders, non-smoking and there is no open flame in the area.
  • Turn off the tap after each use, even with empty gas cylinders. Just turn the gas valve open by hand. Never use tools or force to loosen a faucet. Gets you do not open yourself the gas, bring the bottle back to the store.
  • Just leave an empty gas cylinder filled at an approved filling station or exchange it for a full one. This can join us!

And further

Barbecuing can always and I can not imagine that you will not do this again. The local supermarket has solid enough meat in the range and at some sites, you can even rent entire barbecue packages. Serve with some salads and more to you also do not need.

Despite the fact that you are on the site, and you will probably cook for yourself, you establish a few times to eat or you can get something. The better sites often have several menus where you can choose things from which you can then take to your tent. French fries or a slipped pizza always tastes like something better if you can munch out for your tent.

And when you do yourself for eating should ensure the evening but do not want to stand tall above the pans, then you can also opt for to serve tasty sandwiches. And it’s easy to make I put a few of my favorite recipes in a row. That’s sure to be a hit, and you do not already take too much time. For further information, visit

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