What are Your Choices When Purchasing an Embroidery Machine?

Generally, there are two types of embroidery machines with almost the same functionality. There is the embroidery machine whose task is only to do embroidery and then the embroidery sewing machine which is versatile. It can do both embroidery and sewing. These machines decorate and add unique styles to fabrics. There are many brands of these machines and they come in different sizes.

the embroidery machine

If you want to purchase an embroidery machine, you need to keep in mind that they come in different prices. Embroidery sewing machines are quiet expensive more than the embroidery-only machines. Prices of these machines mainly depend on the size of the machines itself and also the size of embroidery. They range from $200 to about $8000 dollars.

It is important to also consider the functionality of the machine. If you want to take home an embroidery machine, ask yourself what you want to do with it. If you are specifically oriented in embroidery work alone, then opt for the embroidery only machine. However, if you want an all-in-one machine that will give you the privilege of sewing and also adding embroidery on the fabric, then an embroidery sewing machine will be the best option.

Embroidery sewing machines usually have hoops. During embroidery the fabric is attached to the hoops that are connected to the sewing machines. These hoops hold the fabric firmly to prevent any movements until the machine finishes crafting the desired design. On the other hand, embroidery only machines lack a tool to hold the fabric. Instead, they are fitted with stabilizers.  Some of these stabilizers are found on top of the fabric, while others are found under the fabric. Heat away stabilizers are usually recommended because they leave no trace when ironed.

Some of the embroidery sewing machines are fitted with stitch regulators which enhances more stitches for the sewers who prefer the free motion embroidery.

In the market today, there are three main types of embroidery machines namely;

  • Mechanical embroidery sewing machines
  • Electronic embroidery sewing machines
  • Computerised embroidery sewing machines

All these three machines have their benefits. Let us take a look and compare these different categories of embroidery sewing machines;

Mechanical Embroidery Sewing Machine

Mechanical Embroidery Sewing Machine

This is the simplest style of embroidery sewing machines. They were invented almost 200 years ago and are still used up to date. They were manually controlled by a rotary wheel.  The most common brands still on the market are Brother and Singer. A number of people still prefer to use these embroidery sewing machines.

These machines are not so easy to work with. You need to have a mastery of high skills in embroidery. These embroidery sewing machines have a few numbers of stitches. One of the major advantages is that there quiet cheap as compared to the others. So if you are facing financial constraints, this will be your best alternative. These embroidery machines come in handy when creating antiques and vintage pieces.

Electronic Embroidery Sewing Machine

Electronic Embroidery Sewing Machine

This machine is more popular than the mechanical one. Quiet a number of people who practice embroidery prefer using electronic embroidery sewing machine because it is easier to operate. They are lighter, convenient and easy to carry. An added advantage is that they have more stitches than the mechanical ones and also have a number of more accessories.

This machine widens the scope of your creativity because it is easy to manipulate. Hence, it allows you to be more creative and come up with extra designs. Available models include Brother, Singer, Viking and Kenmore.

Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machines

Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machines

In the modern era, technology has evolved a great deal. It has made these machines very easy to use. They use a very advanced form of technology to function. You can easily make a complex design that would have taken days to craft using hands in a matter of minutes. These embroidery machines are very expensive but they render services that are worth your money.

Their automatic functions include;

  • Needle threading
  • Mirror imaging
  • Touch display screens
  • Multiple needle positions
  • Very many stitch functions
  • Autopilot features

It also has added features like USB ports and allows internet connection where you can download desired patterns. These machines contain a microprocessor that allows you store patterns from a card and create the patterns on its own.

The only disadvantage being the pricing, this is the ideal embroidery machine for you, whether for commercial purposes or personal reasons. Some of the common models include Singer CE-200 Quantum Futura, Brother SE270D and Singer Quantum XL-6000.

In conclusion, you should critically analyse whether you want an embroidery sewing machine or embroidery only machine. Ask yourself for what purposes do you need it. Take it to consideration your needs and budget. Also do a thorough market research of what best brand will bring you satisfaction because different models have different features. Then with all that in mind, find a reputable dealer, make an informed purchase and put your embroidery skills into use.


Description of a portable vacuum cleaner

A portable vacuum cleaner must be held by the user, either by hand or hanging on the back; therefore, it is usually used to clean small area such as inside a car as a car vacuum cleaner (click here for best car vacuum). The features of a portable vacuum cleaner are very wide: from the apartment home, passing the car and professional use, everyone is benefiting

4 types of portable vacuum cleaners

There are 4 types of portable vacuum cleaners:

Advantages of portable vacuum cleaner

The main advantages of this cleaner:

  • Better control of the head of the unit;
  • Access to inaccessible areas: vehicle interiors, stairs, ceilings, etc.;


Disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner

The main disadvantages of portable vacuum cleaner:

  • The portable vacuum cleaner involves prolonged physical work.
  • It is rare on the market; this is due to the success of the canister vacuum.

Description car vacuum cleaner

Simple, light and practical, the car vacuum cleaner can be stored in the safe for regular use:

With this type of device, no need of an electrical outlet, for supplying power, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter of the car which sends electricity to 12 volts.

To help clean all the corners of the vehicle quietly, the cable length the device can reach two meters in length.

It comes with a small carrying bag.

Standard criteria for choosing a car vacuum cleaner

Benefits of car vacuum cleaner

The main advantages of this cleaner:

  • Compact, it can be stowed in the trunk or glove box clutter.Also, the length of its cable offers it’s the opportunity to tour the vehicle.
  • Menu, its beak creeps into every corner of the cabin.
  • It needs no electrical outlet to operate, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Main disadvantage of car vacuum cleaner

The main drawback of this vacuum cleaner is that it is not very powerful and therefore can be used in troubleshooting a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Purchase of the car vacuum cleaner online

On the Internet, you can access any device. This option is reserved for the customer who already has his idea of what he wants to buy. Compared to shops storefront, the difference is a matter of price.

But before launching, it comes to checking certain precautions.

When ordering at the time of payment, make sure the web page is secure (https address that starts with an image of a padlock in the browser’s bottom bar).

Please ensure that the delivery price does not cover the benefits of the proposed reduction. In this case, the interest of the internet buying is zero.

See terms of delivery: home delivery being done by appointment? Do you have the means to receive the driver during passing times?

Open the package before the delivery person to see his presence in the state of delivery. Send the package immediately in case of surprises.

Enjoy relay points or deposit: Some stores offer to deliver the item to a warehouse or business near you or your workplace. Thus, delivery is offered, or a small amount and you can pick up your package when you want.

Check the warranty conditions; some brands refuse to assume the warranty of the items sold online.

Price of a car vacuum cleaner

The price ranges from 10 Euros to 75 Euros.

You will find below a summary table of prices on the market for all types of vacuum cleaner.

Types of vacuum cleaners Entry level Top of the line
sleds Vacuums Vacuum cleaners with bag € 30 € 300
Bagless € 30 € 500
silent vacuum cleaners € 150 € 400
Vacuums glutton € 75 € 150
Portable vacuum cleaners broom vacuum cleaners € 10 € 80
electric brooms € 50 € 300
car vacuum cleaners € 10 € 75
Backpack Vacuums € 300 € 1,500
Cordless vacuum cleaner Handheld vacuum cleaners € 15 € 150
central vacuum cleaners € 450 € 1,000
robot vacuum cleaners € 300 € 1,500
pool Vacuums € 75 € 200
vacuum cleaners € 50 € 700
industrial vacuum cleaners Water and dust vacuum cleaners € 50 € 150
Injector extractor € 100 € 4000 and +
vacuum sweeping € 300 € 1,000
Vacuums chips € 150 € 400
ash Vacuums € 50 € 100
asbestos vacuum cleaners € 550 € 2000 and +
extractor trash € 30 € 220




Today we enter the heart of the matter because we will embroider a design with the computer embroidery machine! I chose a breathtaking free pattern made with four colors of thread (the steps that I will describe apparently remain the same regardless of the number of changes the pattern).

1st step: defining the location of the pattern on the fabric embroidery

This is a MANDATORY step. Be careful with the size of the pattern (observe proportions compared to the garment embroidered or object) and its location on the fabric.

Tip: If you can, print your design in actual size to visualize its location. Otherwise, please refer to the pattern dimensions of the tissue or to create you a very simple template paper.

I printed my motive, then placed the sheet under to assess its size and position.

Then only make a mark on the fabric (usually, we take as a reference the center of the pattern, but it can happen that one may need to take the edges of the pattern as a guide, when embroiders series models for example).

Step 2: placing the fabric in the embroidery frame

After scoring embroidery marks on the tissue, the “stuck” in the framework and that is where lies the thorny question, “Should I use a stabilizer material every time?”. In theory, professionals will tell you that yes, it’s better. Now I will give you my reflections on the subject.

The reinforcement does not seem necessary if:

– The fabric is thick and not likely to move in the frame (for example, upholstery fabric or denim spandex SANS);
– The reason is simple, without dense filling, and small (like embroidered monograms on my dragees bags);
– If you just want to test a reason: I do my testing on scraps of upholstery fabric (on the back if the material is printed), and I do not use reinforcement (no small savings! )

By cons, it is best to:

– The fabric is light: cotton for example;
– The structure is distorted: knitwear, jersey;
– You embroider sponge;
– You decorate delicate fabrics like organza or silk.

In these two latter cases, it is even necessary to place a water-soluble on the fabric. But I will talk next time these particular situations.

The fabric I chose was quite light and dense pattern, I stuck the water-soluble fabric reinforcement in my (with a little spritz of glue for embroidery there is no need to put too much), then j ‘I stuck my fabric and the stabilizer in the embroidery frame. To position it correctly in the frame, I used the plastic template provided. This grid allows you to place your fabric straight in the frame to check that the embroidery frame is correctly positioned and that the pattern itself is well understood in the embroidery field.

Tip: I deliberately placed the center of my most downright design possible on my part because the model is relatively small compared to my surroundings, so I can recover a larger piece of water-soluble surplus after embroidery (for reuse with smaller frames, for example, or for sewing buttonholes).

Once the fabric correctly in the frame is tightened the screw and pulling the sides of the fabric to remove any slack in the structure, it should not remain “beads” (remember to use the small key used unscrewing crowbars came with your machine to tighten the screws of the frame or even a screwdriver!). Be careful not to tighten either over, nor too soft fabric, the aim of the game is not able to make a tambourine !!

Step 3: The machine performs embroidery

It sets the framework of the machine, selects the pattern and adjusting the position of the plan about the benchmark which was drawn: by changing the position of the pattern; the frame moves, until the needle is correctly positioned above the mark:

If you have several changes of a son, put your spools in their “order of appearance” next to the machine, the color changes will be faster and be less likely to go wrong in the colors.

It sets up the can (with special yarn bobbin for embroidery), is slipped over the first color to be embroidered and you can start embroidering. It is held the line of embroidery at the beginning for a few points and then once the embroidery is started, it stops the machine to cut the excess of this thread (if you do not, it may be taken in embroidery and then it will be harder to cut).

When the embroidery of the first color is completed, the second coil is threaded and is repeated as before. This is done until the completion of the embroidery.

Step 4: Finishing

Once the embroidery, the frame of the machine is removed, loosen the screw of the frame, and the fabric is removed. We cut small son protruding on top of the embroidery, but not those below unless the back of the embroidery is visible (as a scarf for example). Reinforcing the excess is removed by cutting around the embroidery and taking care not to cut the son.

Tip: If you plan to stitch decorative stitches (as below) or a buttonhole near your cause, do not remove the reinforcement immediately, but cut it after doing your sewing because the decorative embroidery and buttonholes out better with reinforcements.

You then left to spend your fabric with water to dissolve the water-soluble (dissolves mine to 35 °).

And that’s a lovely embroidery done in less than 20 minutes!



Your car will not start because of a dead battery? We will give you tips!

Has it already happened to you? You step out the door, walk to the car and press the central locking, and nothing happens? At first, you still think that your best car batteries has run out and do your good spirits open the car with the key. You get in the car and notice that the interior also has not been dropped. Will it not? You put the key in the ignition, turn him around and nothing happens! Battery empty! In most cases, this is because you unknowingly let something like the radio or lights.

It can also happen that you have to be the just battery is broken and replaced. This is particularly extreme (weather) conditions, such as a severe winter. There are also battery packs which gradually deflated and can not be recharged more maximum. This causes problems especially in diesel engines because they have peak current necessary to start at the first time. We try to give you helpful tips on how to avoid an empty battery and what to do if you still need to be fast at work.

Tip 1: Avoid an empty battery with a battery tester

Knowledge is power, and prevention is better than cure! With a battery tester can check the status of your battery, so you can intervene before it is too late. Today there are battery testers in all price ranges, from a few tens to hundreds of euros. What you need, you decide for yourself.

The cheaper versions often come in the form of cigarette lighter plug. These measure the battery voltage when the ignition is switched on, simple! The meter about 12.7 volts then your batteries full and you have no problems. Is the voltage below 12.5 volts then you have to worry. You’ll probably leave something like an interior light. Whether your battery is not charging more for 100% and needs to be replaced. Always make sure your engine is turned off once you do a reading. If the engine is turned on, the meter anyway a voltage of about 14 volts because the alternator charges the battery when running the motor.

With the more expensive battery testers can get a complete analysis (starting power, cold start current, alternator test, etc.) making your battery, but this is not profitable for private use. These testers are particularly interesting for companies because you can also check the truck’s battery.

Another way to ensure that you are faced with an empty battery is testing the acidity of your battery acid. This can be done easily with a battery tester. Watch out, because you’re dealing with corrosive acid.
Again, this works very directly. You turn one of the caps from the battery and plug the meter into the acid of the battery. Then squeeze the suction ball and the meter will tell you by color in what state is your battery. Red means charging directly, blue is half full and yellow in order.

Tip 2: Do you have a dead battery? Use jumper cables or a starting aid

It’s probably happened to you once; you want to drive to work, but the car will not start. Shit, a dead battery? What now? Well, there are two options:

  • You grab the jumper cables in your trunk and start your car using the car of the neighbor.
  • You use a starting aid (jump starter) to boost your battery.

The significant advantage of jumper cables is that they are relatively inexpensive. For two bucks you already have a good set of wires. The downside is that you always need an extra car to talk to get your battery. With a starting aid that is not necessary, so this also slightly more pricey. The big advantage is that you are not dependent on a 2nd car.

If you start a car using jumper cables

Set the 2nd car nearby and check on which side of the 2nd session of the battery. This i.v.m. the length of the jumper cables. Run the engine of the 2nd car and grab the red jump lead. Put the clamp of the red jumper cable to the + of the 2nd car then the + of your dead battery. If you can not find the plus on the battery, you can recognize a red mark on cables or batteries.

Now do the same now with the black jumper wire. First, set the clamp to the negative terminal of the 2nd car battery and then to the negative terminal on the dead battery. Note: this may cause a spark, try to do one good.
Wait a few minutes to start the dead battery. Start him and then let the engine run for a few moments to connect jumper cables.

Remove the clip of the red booster cable which is on the charged battery; then you get the red terminal of the battery. Repeat step 5, but for the black jumper wire. Now you can start the car again, but make sure you’re not slow to turn. Then you will do over again throughout the tune, and no one is waiting. It takes half an hour to an hour before you can start again independently of the battery. Do not forget this!

If you start a car with a starting aid/jump starter

A starting aid is also called a mobile battery. This just provides enough power to start your (almost empty) battery. The big advantage is that you do not need an extra car, and you do not depend on others. The connection operates in the same way as for jumper cables as we have described above. Note here also good that you put the clamps on the right poles. A starting aid often has a built-in compressor, an LED lamp, USB and a 12V socket. You can also inflate your tires, and you can see in the dark what you’re doing. With the USB connection, you can even charge your smartphone. Handy!

Where have you to be careful when buying jumper cables or a starting aid?

The capacity of a car battery depends on upon the size of the engine, and whether it is a diesel or petrol engine. The latter is of significant influence on the thickness of the jumper cables and the capacity of your starting aid. A diesel engine needs a lot more power than a gasoline engine. Namely, a diesel engine starts with a glow plug and an engine with a spark plug. A glow plug consists of small incandescent spirals, but these consume, like an electric heater, a lot of power. For a diesel engine, you can use a wire thickness of from 25 mm2, depending on the size of the engine and is therefore of your battery. Tip: check the car battery capacity and purchase on that basis starting cables.

For a start aid course applies the same. Again, it is the power to be supplied to initiate the car or truck. It is important that you not only pay attention to the thickness of the cables, but also on the capacity of the starting aid. The amps of starting aids range from 8 up to 1,500 amperes. Before purchasing a starting aid, first, check your battery, so you know which one to buy.


Lawn tractors

Mowing driving! Make a lane of your garden. A tractor is mowing large surfaces you play. It sit, drives off, and send the best. You have heaps of fun while mowing. There are also best self propelled lawn mower electric start

From where it pays to purchase a lawn tractor?

Of course, there are crazy it looks like you’re sitting on your mower mowing your grass. However, you need not be a landowner to purchase such a machine garden worthwhile. Lawn tractors are already useful on surfaces from 600 m2 by their maneuverability.

The differences between lawn tractors and riding mowers: When a rider sits the driver above the engine, with a garden tractor is the drive unit before him.

The advantage of tractors is that they can be used for all kinds of work. They are not only suitable for cutting grass. There may also be devices such as snow blades, brooms, sprinkle trailers and become much more attached to.

The decisive factor is, of course, the price; mowers are a lot cheaper. Lawn tractors are smaller and less powerful than garden tractors.

Significant parts of the machine

Discharge to the rear or side

Garden tractors with ejection to the rear throw the mown grass without detours directly over the rear axle into the receptacle. This may be mowed high and wet grass. A Rider discharge side is suitable if you do not want to collect the clippings.


  • Trans-Matic transmission: a trans-Matic transmission can continuously switch. With the brake pedal can slow down the mower and drive off again without having to switch.
  • Hydrostatic transmission: the speed is in this drive adjustable without or switch.
  • Automatic transmission: the speed control and direction are governed exclusively by the accelerator. There does not need to be changed.

Mowing Robot

Do you know that? It is the weekend. You have anywhere fancy, except for mowing grass. Endlessly back and forth accompanied by the monotonous hum of your lawn mower. Then you once again stumbling over the cable from your electric lawn mower, or tank needs to be refilled, or the container for the cut grass is packed – always just before you are ready. Enough! Make your life easier anyway with mowing robots!

Advantages of a mowing robot

  • Power saving: never push more heavy lawn mower for you. Especially for older people is a significant relief.
  • Time saving: the mowing time is now free time. Yippie! Also, the garden machine takes removing clippings from here. All models have an integrated mulching.
  • Childishly easy: the operation is simple. Beacon lawn surface to be processed with the boundary wire and feed it into the machine. To work! Also, can be stored in some models week programs.
  • Environmentally friendly: no gas, no oil, no exhaust.
  • Silent: lawn mowing robot operates virtually silently.
  • Quality work: the machine can be optimally adjusted to your garden and thereby ensures a high quality of cut.
  • The result: a beautiful, uniform lawn.
  • Safe: the device is equipped with many safety equipment. The lift sensor will stop the mower when it is lifted, and a wire sensor stops the engine when he gets behind the boundary wire. The bumper sensor also takes him away from fixed objects.
  • Does not require much maintenance: mowing robot is suitable for all types of lawns and doing its job in any weather. Also, obstacles and ramps for most models no problem.
  • Such machines are also great for people with allergies.



No need to use Premium gasoline. In the case where not get can be utilized without drawbacks. It is also recommended not to leave fuel in the tank for more than 15 days.

Type of oil: SAE 20W-50 or 15W-40 recognized brand (we recommend using oil Maruyama)

Oil quantity: You can vary engine models, but almost all have a pan 535c.c. (Not to exceed the level, could damage the motor). It is recommended to put a little oil and go with the rod controlling not to put more oil.

Oil change: It is important to remember that usually come without oil engines so before putting the equipment in place should be reviewed and put oil if necessary. Then, changes are produced according to the following scheme:

First oil changes at 5 hours of use

Subsequent changes:
– If we use mineral oil between 25 and 50hs of use
– If we use synthetic oil between 100 and 150hs of use

With the change of oil should be modified the fuel filter if the mower has one.

Air filter

It is important always to keep clean the air filter, so ALWAYS recommend cleaning after mowing. There are two types of air filter:

– Foam filter: Clean with water and detergent. Once you clean it will drop a few drops of engine oil and spreads to permeate the entire screen.
– Filter paper: In this case the dry filter is cleaned so a compressor is used for cleaning. Always the compressor at least 15 cm to avoid damaging the screen and always in the direction “inside out.”

Lawn mowers with 4-stroke engines must work ALWAYS horizontally. The maximum allowed inclination is 15 degrees. Do not be fooled by sellers who do not know what they sell. NEVER use the mower more than 15 ° inclination. (NO ENGINE PROPERLY LUBRICATES)
If you have any further questions, please contact us we are to help
Download the tips using lawnmowers to have always at hand


Memory foam mattresses are unique. Why is memory foam so unique you might ask? Good question! A good question deserves a good answer! We lay it out for you. In a few minutes, you can read more about unique features and particular advantages of memory foam mattresses. Buying a memory foam mattress can not just do. Choosing the right memory foam mattress is quite a challenge. We will help you with the good information and tips! View memory foam mattress topper reviews

The properties associated with a memory foam mattress:

  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Healthy weight
  • Pressure-lowering effect (good for the muscles and joints)
  • Very good insulation
  • Resilient foam
  • Long lifespan

HOW IS THE NAME “memory foam” GENESIS?

In the 70 was developed by NASA memory foam. At the launch of the space shuttle is a huge power gear free (G-forces). To cope better with these forces and to distribute the body was developed memory foam. The memory foam was never actually used in space shuttles.

Memory foam mattresses have many names: NASA foam mattress, Visco elastic foam mattress, foam mattress comfort, anti-decubitus mattress, medical foam mattress, lazy foam mattress and memory foam mattress. All names fall within the concept mattress.

HOW IS a memory foam mattress MADE?

Memory foam is a unique material. Memory foam is made from polyurethane foam as polyether and cold foam. The difference between the types of foam can be found in the cell structure. Memory foam has empty cells that are air-permeable. Thus, the air will not be pressed together as the cells are pressed together. The result is that memory foam reacts delayed. Pressing the memory foam mattress takes more energy and bounce back to its original state is slower than other mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses consist almost never 100% from only memory foam. The top layer of memory foam mattress is made of memory foam. The nucleus where the memory foam top layer is attached to must be supportive and resilient. The following combinations are possible:

  • Cold foam core with memory foam top layer
  • Pocket Suspension core with memory foam top layer
  • Polyurethane foam core with memory foam top layer

CAST or foamed memory foam?

Memory foam can make in two ways: Casting and foaming. What difference does it will make you think? There are great differences in quality among molded memory foam and memory foam. Molded memory foam is of lesser quality. The biggest difference is the price. Molded memory foam is cheap because the production process is much shorter than in foams. Foamed memory foam is breathable and wicks moisture and heat thoroughly. How to recognize the different types of memory foam? Molded memory foam feels rubbery, and foam memory foam feels like a sponge.


How good a memory foam mattress can deal with moisture and body heat is dependent on the cell structure. Memory foam mattresses are made in two different types:

1. Memory foam with open cells
2. Memory foam with closed cell structure

Memory foam with open-cell structure has the best moisture and air ventilating properties. The combination of pocket sprung with memory foam gives the best ventilating effect. The memory foam feels cool to the touch and has good moisture management. A memory foam mattress with pocket springs core is ideal for sleepers who easily hot or sweat a lot.


Memory foam has an open or closed cell structure. The production of particular memory foam has an open or closed cell structure. The making of memory foam with an open cell structure lasts longer and therefore more expensive in price. Memory foam of high quality has an open cell structure. Cheaper memory foam mattresses often have a closed cell structure. The significant advantage of the open cell structure with memory foam mattresses is that wick moisture and drain well. The memory foam mattress will feel cool and fresh. Memory foam mattresses with an open cell structure suitable for sleepers who have difficult with a clammy feeling during sleep.


Density memory foam can vary widely. Density is expressed in kilograms per cubic meter. The values start at 40 kg per m3 run up to 85 kg per m3. The density tells you how close the cells tightly together per m3. The higher the values, the closer the cells are packed together. The density in memory foam says something about the weight per m3 and the density of the cell structure.

In cold foam and polyether foam is a higher SG or HR values well. With memory foam works differently. The more kilos, the more mass. The cells are smaller, thus increasing the density. The smaller the cells despite takes more breathability from memory foam. It has the effect that it is hot, less moisture away and slow-moving. Says something about the density, the hardness of memory foam? It says nothing about how soft or hard is a memory foam mattress.

What can you keep best if you buy a memory foam mattress? It is important to find a good balance between the cell density and the ventilation capacity of memory foam. The values that begin with the best memory foam from 50 kg per m3 to 65 kg per m3.



With the best embroidery machine, a new world is full of creative ideas open to you

Endless creativity

You can if you want to embroider anything, e.g., Logos, names, etc. in both large and smaller sizes. It is possible to stitch preset designs. But what’s more fun than an idea to convert to a full embroidery. There are different kinds of embroidery machines. Below are the various embroidery machines will be explained in more detail.

Domestic stand-alone embroidery machine

This is an embroidery machine that can embroider only (not sewing). These embroidery machines are well suited for the seamstress who occasionally what do embroidery and while embroidering just wants to continue working on her sewing machine.

The combination sewing and embroidery machine

These are machines that are both sewing and embroidery machine. For someone just starting out with this hobby, there are already very competitive sewing and embroidery machines available. These are more limited in capability, but you can of course already very much.

If the demands are higher, there is available an embroidery machine for any desired level. The top devices of most computer brands can be found in this class.

The embroidery machines

Everyone has a fair, or a shopping mall saw a company that embroiders names on towels or motives baseball caps. They make use of this technique.

These embroidery machines can only embroider and seem no longer an ordinary sewing machine. They are equipped with multiple needles and can at high speed and without any time be changed yarn embroidery motifs. So you have a lot of embroideries, this is the kind of embroidery machine that you need.


All these tools can be used in combination with software. So you have the complete freedom to create a motif and the stabbing your desired embroidery. The variation and design possibilities depend on the embroidery package you choose.

Tips for the embroidery machine in a matter

Embroidery enthusiasts often face particular challenges, such as the nose, warping, about stabbing beaten and broken wire. Coordination of different elements embroidery when working with delicate fabrics to eliminate these challenges. Synchronization of each component, such as the type of production and the stabilizer weight, the appropriate size needle and thread, and the voltage is to change the quality of the products, the finished embroidery. Experimenting always comparable weight waste fabric before sewing on the material of the project. felling


Most seamstresses follow the rule of thumb when selecting sheets stabilizer. The heavier the weight of the fabric, the lighter the plate and the lighter weight of the material, the thickness of the plate. However, there is another challenge for lightweight fabrics. Stabilizing plates are usually located on the side of the fabric, whereby the shine through fine dust or transparent. Although most of the sewers using stabilizers against cracks, which are torn around the edges, often also to stretch tissue or cause deformation. Use Cut-away stabilizers, in which soft textures and transparent or poly-mesh to reduce the risk of wrinkling or ghost outlines around design.

Needle size

Using the wrong needle size with delicate fabrics results always marks visible puncture. Eliminate this frustration by selecting the appropriate size needle for the fabric type. Refer to the table of fabric and needle sizes in the manual of the embroidery machine. Needle sizes are available with different needle points, which influence the way in which the needle penetrates the tissue. For example, needles flat-tibia eye of standard size and are often interchangeable with sewing and embroidery. This type of needle is provided with a ball or sharp, depending on the kind of fabric. Cutting needles have a narrow pit, perfect for piercing through the dense texture and delicate fabrics needles ball for fine knits.

Voltage regulation

The size of the needle should automatically adjust the tension of the above thread. The size of the needle and the operating voltage of hand in hand together with other components, such as support, wire, and plate stabilizer. Always refer to the manual of the machine for the recommended charts drive voltage for adjusting or choking.


Using sewing thread for all applications embroidery always leads to strand breaks, on stabbing beaten and often broken needles. Sewing threads, generally used for sewing clothes, a structure other than yarn embroidery body. This type of wire has a slightly thicker and is resistant to high-density stitching to sections complete embroidered. Manufacturers such as Robison-Anton, Madeira or Floriani, produce different sizes and types of yarns such as polyester, cotton, rayon and silk. Read labels wire before your purchase thread for machine embroidery lace embroidery thread, which can be identified significant differences in quality.


A spray pressure

If there is an extra track on the outside of the paint jet at each side arises, there is the so-called “tailing” effect. This can be remedied by increasing the pressure of the pump or the paint slightly to thin out

airless spray pattern

In the picture above the tailing on the top two jobs to see. In this case, (an air airless pump) one had the pump pressure set too low, it stood at 4 bars. When the pump pressure was increased to 5 bars. the tailing was gone and one could the lower second spray stripes make which shows a good spray pattern. View airless paint sprayer reviews

Spraying distance

If the gun is held too close to the object, the paint will not get the opportunity to distribute itself sufficient. If one is equally against the paint jet the light like you see in the distance the paint distribution is optimal.This distance must be maintained during spraying.

Wear out

When working with a worn nozzle (nozzle or tip), you get in the center of the jet too much paint and the paint distribution will not be good, so get a new nozzle.

Spray angle

When working with a nozzle with a spray angle is too narrow, there must many jobs exactly are sprayed adjacent to a connecting plane to ranges. In practice, this is very difficult and will almost always cause uneven coating. Large areas are usually with a spray angle of at least sprayed 50 degrees.


When spraying is necessary to release the trigger after each spray movement. If one constantly by spraying without releasing the trigger, you get the turns a place with extra thick paint so that no uniform the surface is established.

How to spray with an airless spray gun.

Keep the airless spray gun at approximately 30 cm from the surface to be sprayed and keeps the right on the surface to be sprayed.

Move the airless spray gun parallel to the surface to be painted, make sure that the distance to the surface to be sprayed remains the same plus or minus 30 cm. Manual for the spraying of large areas.

  1. Keep gun perpendicular to the surface. (If not, the fluid is not evenly distributed evenly.)
  2. Distance to. Keep the surface area the same as the distance is determined by the beam width. (If not, the beam width and vary the thickness will not be uniform.)
  3. Pulling the trigger in the movement. (If one pulls the trigger and then starts it will encourage the movement or accumulation of fluid either unevenly applied layer.)
  4. At the end let go of a job trigger, and then begin again with the next job. (If you hold the trigger to turn one there is a brief moment of arrest, and an accumulation of fluid overlaps either unevenly applied layer.)
  5. The gun uniformly (at the same speed) move because this speed is determined by the layer thickness. (If the movement speed is different, the layer thickness will also be different)
  6. If one sets even higher demands on the surface to be sprayed can correct any jobs or stripe effect by overlapping the jobs for half. Even better is to apply the second layer then crosswise.


Orange Apple Effect. Too low spray pressure. Increase spray pressure.
A lot of spray. Too high spray pressure.
Too thin material.
Reduce the spray pressure.
Use less dilution.
For large beam width. Spray tip with a large
spray angle.
Select a spray tip with a
smaller spray angle.
Too small beam width. Spray tip with a small
spray angle.
Select a spray tip with a
larger spray angle.
Too much material yield. Excessive nozzle.
Material too thin.
Spray pressure too high.
Use a smaller nozzle. Reduce the spray pressure.
Too little material yield. Too small nozzle. Take larger spray tip.
Too thick material.
Excess yield in the
middle v / d range.
Worn spray tip.
Wrong spray tip.
Replace spray tip.
Material flows not pretty Material too thick thin material
Spray Pattern uneven. Nozzle soiled.
Nozzle damaged.
Nozzle Clean or
replace spray tip.
Too much material
tip holder.
Spray gun too close to the
object to be sprayed.
Too high spray pressure.
Hold the spray gun further at
the object being sprayed from.
Put spray pressure lower.
Splashing out nozzle after
Needle or needle seat of
gun worn.
Spray gun maintenance is
Drops along spray tip. Gasket or damaged tip. Renew gasket.
Refresh Spray tip.
Nozzle will soon close down No gun filter gun.
Gun Filter broken.
Gun Filter is too coarse.
Gun Screen check
before use, paint seven.
Always use suction.


How to choose a pack and play (playpen) for your baby? Choosing the right pack and play that will best suit your baby is a real headache? Not anymore ! Sabine Rolland, nurse neonatal unit of the Trousseau Hospital in Paris will give you the key tips to make your choice according to pack n play reviews. Square wooden pack and play or the round pack and play, or corner park … you decide!

The pack and plays allow your child to have fun in an enclosed and secure place. It can be used 3 months until the age of 18 months.

The pack and plays allow your child to have fun in an enclosed and secure place. It uses 3 months until the age of 18 months. Although putting your baby in a pack and play, you should never leave your child unattended.

From what age to what age?

– From 6 months up to the age of the march, about 12-15 months.

What’s the point ?

– To put the child safe.

– To install him a secure area of the game.

– To help him stand up.

Why is it essential?

– It is not essential, we can do without but it is a “plus” very convenient!

– The pack and plays allow you to go into another room of the house when the child is old enough to move on all fours. The child is safe installed in the pack and play, the parents get more freedom to go to do their business but still have the supervisor of an eye.

How it works / how we use it / how to install it?

– The pack and plays define a closed space into which one puts the baby.

– It can be wooden, plastic or fabric. Foldable or not.

– There are square pack and plays, round pack and plays, angle pack and plays …

– Some pack and plays offer a high position that can be used when the baby is still lying in order to spare the backs of parents.

The essential criteria for a good pack and play?

– It is essential to choose the pack and plays conform to the safety standards. The standard bars and height are regulated for better security.

– Prefer the rigid pack and play that allows the baby to rest and practice to get up that does not allow the tissue park that is too soft to provide support.

– It must be pliable and easy to store (possibly on wheels) if you need to leave the room when one receives.

– The park at different levels is an attractive option because it is more pleasant for the parent.

Advice and more:

– For the baby to be comfortable, it is best to install a play mat or blanket to the park from the bottom and possibly a pack and play ride to prevent it from bumps.

– We create it a universe with games that cling to the bars in order to be stimulated and not bored.

– Must have in mind that one day he will have enough of being in the park, usually, when walking and it will store the object.

Pack and play models

Bars pack and play

The pack and play is usually barred wood and has the advantage of being strong and stable. This type of park does not bother the baby of view and allows him to look at the world around him.

In addition, the bars allow your child to grab it, it will help to climb when it will try to put upright. However, the bars pack and play is quite heavy. The bars park can be foldable or fixed.

Net pen

The pack and plays that have the net advantage of being lighter and folds more easily than bars pack and play. However, it is less solid than the bars pack and play. Moreover, the net gene baby’s sight and not help either to climb standing. The net pack and play is less recommended nowadays.

The evolutionary pack and play

The evolutionary pack and plays are pack and plays with an adjustable mattress in 3 heights. This type of pack and play track the evolution of your child. Placed in the top position on a padded bottom it can serve as a bed during the first months of the baby. Later, once the bottom positioned on the ground, it becomes a safe playground.

Other evolutionary pack and plays are equipped with door handle business by an adult. With this model, you do not have to bend down to take your child, but simply to open the door to let him out. When your child is too big to stay in his playground, the park turns into a safety barrier. The product is very useful but is quite expensive.


Food Dehydrator allows food drying gently which has the advantage of preserving both all the taste and vitamins for a long time. Check out this sweet dehydration process and its benefits.

How does it work ?


The food Dehydrator allows you to simply and effectively dry all types of fresh food: fruit, vegetable, sauce, herb or even soup.

Simply wash and cut the food you want to dry in slices and not too thick (0.5cm maximum) then arrange on the plates of the food dehydrator.

The device will then propel evenly heated air between 40 ° C and 45 ° C for several hours. The dryers are equipped with an automatic timer: Once the programmed drying time, they take care of everything.

The temperature reached by the dehydrator is very soft and does not exceed 50 ° C. This temperature does not cook food but is sufficient to evaporate all the water they contain. Food is then slowly and totally dehydrated.

Keep your food longer

Fresh vegetables dehydrated using a food dehydrator

The advantage of such a process is that it gradually and completely dries food. For better food preservation, dehydration can be supplemented by a vacuum and / or freezing, for example, you can use best vacuum sealer to protect your food. Indeed, water is not the only factor responsible for the oxidation of foods: the temperature and the presence of air are also determining factors. Even in the absence of moisture, vitamins and enzymes oxidise in air.

Dehydration of fruits


Wash the apricots, cut them in half to extract the kernel. Arrange the apricot halves skin side down on the plate drier.

Drying time> 24 to 30 hours


Peel the pineapple and remove the eyes and heart of the pineapple. Cut the fruit into slices or small pieces with a thickness of 0.5 cm.

Drying time> 14 to 20 hours


Peel the bananas and cut them into slices or rings of 0.3 to 0.5 cm thick.

drying time> 8 to 12 hours


Wash, remove the stalks and stone the cherries. Cut in half and place them on food dehydrator plate face down.

Drying time> 18 to 22 hours


Wash the figs. You can leave them whole (longer drying time) or cut into slices.

Drying time> 25 to 30 hours


Wash and hull strawberries. Cut into thin slices 0.5 cm thick.

Drying time> 10 to 15 hours


Peel the kiwis and cut into slices 0.5 cm thick.

drying time> 10h till 18h


Wash the blackberries and arrange them on the food dehydrator tray.

Drying time> 14 to 20 hours


Wash, seed and cut the pears into slices of 0.5 cm. You can also split the four.

Drying time> 12 to 20 hours


Peel the apples and remove the seeds. Cut into slices of 0.5 cm in thickness.

Drying time> 15 to 20 hours


Wash the plums and cut them in half to remove the kernel. Incise the skin of the fruit to encourage dehydration.

Drying time> 24 to 30 hours


Wash the grapes and remove the stalks them.

Drying time> 25 to 30 hours


Wash and hull the tomatoes. Cut into 0.5 cm thick. For the cherry tomatoes cut them just two and arrange on the plate of food drying the skin side down.

Drying time> 10 to 12 hours

Conservation dehydrated foods

A healthy diet

Drying food in the food dehydrator is at a mild temperature. Unlike a furnace, the drier does not submit the food to a temperature above 50 ° C. In this way all the flavors and vitamins, enzymes and nutrients minerals are perfectly conserved.

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are the same nutritional benefit than raw food; the use of a dehydrator is particularly recommended for a raw food diet or to fill vitamin deficiencies.

Did you know ?

Most vitamins are very sensitive to heat. This is the case of water soluble vitamins are saying that are destroyed from 60 ° C. Water-soluble vitamins are vitamin C, the B vitamins and niacin (PP).

The failure of one of these vitamins can have harmful consequences for your health, so it is advisable to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Use a food dehydrator can effectively keep fruits and vegetables in season to enjoy their benefits all year.

Our advice to dehydrate your fruit

The drying time depends directly on the amount of water contained in the fruit, and thus may vary depending on the product quality.

You can also adjust the drying time depending on the rendering more or less crispy expected.

Recommended temperature: 45 ° C


Manual paper

A handbook construction paper lifts best in a transparent envelope on, multipage instructions in several brochures and sleeves and sticks everything in a thin flat file from. To protect the documents from moisture and soiling. Unilateral assembly instructions, for example, are glued to the inside of the transport box lid to keep them permanently and directly accessible. In this way, they have the blueprint always.

Digital assembly instructions

In addition to or instead of a paper manual, it’s a good idea to save the gazebo assembly instructions digitally, for example by a photograph on a mobile device. This not only has the advantage, instead of fluttering in the wind paper manual to be able to handle a digital version better, but the same time prevents the loss. Therefore, save the instructions on a smartphone or tablet, so you have a backup.

Protection in adverse weather conditions

Even when the cheap tents for sale were erected strictly according to plan, the ground is on the site of stones and as a ground sheet as well as all side parts are accurately secured and sealed: In the case of rain, wind, and sun usually help only extras such films & Schedule to protected against the weather to be.

Wire ropes against the wind

Ask the gazebo, where possible, sheltered from the wind on. In nearby trees, but not directly under, for example, is a right place. He is indeed sheltered but is not charged when it rains due to too much water and storms the gazebo roof is not endangered by falling branches. Additional guy ropes fix the gazebo best when they are run in several directions and anchored by pegs firmly in the ground.

Other Plan against rain

Because aluminum does not rust, no precautions against rain must be taken when linkage. The situation is different for the wall sheets and the roof. Here urgent need to pay attention to water-resistant material, if you leave the gazebo are outdoors permanently. Prevents mold growth on walls substance should be prevented by complete drying of the tent walls before packing. Additionally, Planning and films can be stretched as additional protection in wet rain. Under Awnings & Accessories, You can find more meaningful extras like Sturmsicherungs- and repair kits with which cracks can be repaired quickly.

Awning for sun protection

To extend the gazebo in the sunshine, a solar sail is useful. This enlarges the shadow area and may, for example, be stretched as a trapezoid, square or triangle between the gazebo and a tree.

Interior for garden Tents

To shape, decorate or create the right lighting to be Aluminium Garden tent livable, Browsed on eBay in the category furniture for outdoor use or looking around in the class camping furniture and in the Department of exterior decoration. Here you can go on a discovery tour.

Furniture for outdoor use

Popular for Aluzelt are especially Benches & Sofas, let off which there are also beer benches and classic garden furniture. Optionally Barstools & bar tables are suitable for special festivals and celebrations. In addition to the design to consider when deciding that your gazebo device is weatherproof and easy to clean. After all, the Party furniture are usually standing outside and need moisture and sun tolerated without rust going to fade or become porous. Regular maintenance is achieving them also.

Light and heat for gazebo

A heater in the party tent is a comfort that you should, and your guests enjoy the area in front of the gazebo by Bauheizgeräte as the gas fan or heater. This cozy atmosphere arises, light tubes are & chains for parties always a welcome option chosen. But also act stylish lamps with solar technology, which are quickly recharged without electricity by sunlight and are therefore ideally suited for outdoor use.

Decoration for parties

A party without decoration is only half as good, which is why the creative sectors on eBay are particularly lush filled with offers. Under Party & Event Decoration to provide excellent party sets and extraordinary decorative elements to make to each festival to highlight the year. Take for selecting the party decoration time, because that eBay offer for creative products is tremendous. By Demo material entering, each gazebo a personal touch and can create an atmosphere on your guests will be amazed.

For more tips, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


We took a few days talking about what you can not miss in my party in the home garden in tents for sale because there are many people who want to ride an event in your garden and do not know how. Others do know how to do, but it is always good some further advice on some issues. The protocol, for example, is an important topic to us after more than 20 years organizing wedding and events can be a little different, but do not discuss in this post today.

The first thing is to know who will be invited, is not the same to come friends or family, because one or the other how to organize will be different; also the number of people condition my party, if many are practically essential to mount a tent in the garden unless you want to suffer from the weather throughout the event. That is why we strongly recommend installing a shelter if the number of guests is large enough not to enter our house in case of inclement weather.

If the party is at noon is required to have somewhere to give shade. If the House can not find a space shade, we recommend two solutions: the first one and covers more area is a tent, which will give us plenty of shade, the second option will give us less shade, but that’s fine too are umbrellas, but considering that if seated, the guests have to be able to eat under a shade, that is, has to be carp, the umbrella or parasol, is whether the guests are standing, they can seek shade, it is not possible under any circumstances that the tables are under a parasol, because the sun moves and therefore the shadow is not static, so if one gives the shade for a while, then he will do so all the time.

If finally, we do an event with carp and out at night, you need to think about the temperature, the fact that our party guests to be cold are very unpleasant, so do not risk anything about it. From failure to success in this regard is a step.

As for the food, try to be varied if you’ve invited people on other occasions, not to repeat meal. Also critical that if you decide that the guests are standing and make the cocktail party type, try to give things that are easy to eat, because there is nothing but to eat hard things when you are invited to an event.

We have already been discussing the topic of music in another post, I think the background music, can be well outdoors, but do not abuse it, sometimes it is high, and not everyone is comfortable with it. When in doubt look to your guests and put faces, that will give a clear picture of whether or not too high. It’s ambient music, no disco music.

How do I organize an event tent in my garden?

Most people who contact us and ends up buying, has a first call which does not quite know what you need, have the illusion of holding something in the garden, but does not quite know what to put, you see they have a garden, but do not quite know how to prepare it, or how to make the most. Then we will try to give some tips so that any of our readers who have a garden can take full advantage.

The first thing you have to know a person with his garden is square meters has the dimensions of it will tell us what capacity is and what kind of party, celebration or event can make. Important that the square footage that we measure are useful, i.e., if it turns out that our garden is full of plants, areas sloping or low trees, are little practical areas, although they will serve to the party remains wider, and we provide excellent views. To find the square footage, we must teach us the following table, which will be approximate because you have to take into account other factors:

  • Party standing will be 1 square meter per person.
  • Party sitting will be 1.5 square meters per person.

With these two pieces of information that we can put the space, you have available. Above all, do not you, Take to the letter, because sometimes when comes a catering to your house asking for more space because you want to put a dessert buffet or want to put tables support or also have to count the number of writers who will participate in the event.

For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


Checklist of tips to protect your pillow

You do not have a good night sleep? Are you suffering from the pain in neck and shoulder? Are you looking for the new pillow? Do you know if all your pillow care are successful? Do you think it has an optimum maintenance? Today we will bring you a checklist of tips to protect your pillow and keep a long long, time. The bamboo memory foam pillow is highly recommended

When purchasing a pillow, and bearing in mind that “there is no perfect pillow,” physiotherapists remember that the way to sleep is the main aspect that significantly should condition the choice of one or the other.

The average height of between 10 and 13 centimeters are recommended for those who sleep on their backs, and in these cases, it is important to note that the length of the pillow should exceed the width of shoulders while the hardness, in this case, It must also average.

High pillows, up to 15 centimeters, are for those who choose to sleep on your side with sufficient hardness so that the head remains aligned with the trunk.

In contrast, low, between 8 and 10 centimeters are more appropriate for those who sleep on their stomachs, because in these cases it is preferable to present little consistency. These pillows are also recommended for children, although in some cases it is even considered better sleep without it.

Also, physical therapists advise that people who sleep on beds use the same pillow your partner, because “each person should have their pad suited to the morphology and sleep habits.”

Before purchasing, they are advised to consult with a physical therapist to analyze the posture in different positions and assess the state of their muscles, to recommend the pillow that suits the body and the position of the person concerned.

List of tips to protect your pillow stuffed with fiber

Opting for a pillowcase to keep it clean and maintained. Remember to use a pillowcase that is easy to wash. The cotton pillowcases are the most successful, thanks to its characteristics, ideal to prevent allergy symptoms.

What is the correct procedure to aerate your pillow? Choose the time of making the bed, shake well and redistributes his pillow stuffing. With this action, we get the pillow does not lose its filling properties and retains its firmness.

Pillow maintenance tips

As we always say, when washing is best left in the hands of a professional. If instead, we remove the pillow at home, it is advisable to hand wash with a mild soap without detergent or bleach.

The fourth council of our checklist of tips to protect your pillow is followed to the letter the hang of tennis balls. It is essential to put it in the washer and keep the pad as new. Add in the washing machine two or three balls so that the filling of the pillow is not taking, every time you turn the drum of the washing machine will gap between the filling and consigned not focus on a single part of the pillow.

It is critical to dry your pillow using the dryer. You can put it in the dryer at low temperature to remove all moisture or leave aerate abroad. Do not forget to make sure it is completely dry.
The frequency of washing should be slight, wash the pillow is often harmful for the conservation of it. Its properties will be depleted; the filling will remain caked and moisture damage inside. If you want to keep your pillow in perfect condition, wash it only if necessary. For preservation and good maintenance aerates the pillow on multiple occasions.

If you go on a trip, it’s best to keep it in your bag accordingly. Where will avoid contact with the outside, humidity, and dust

Have you taken note of our checklist of tips to protect your pillow? Enjoy adequate rest with a well-preserved, according to your needs pillow, responsive to the care of your back and neck. If you can not fall asleep, easily you know the best positions to sleep well.

That is all about the choice of the pillow. Hope you find usefull information here in this post. For more information, visit http://www.bedtimefriends.com/. Good luck with the choice!


It’s been a while since I eye on cooking under vacuum at low temperature. It is a technique that is found in many recipes because it is perhaps the most cooking that respects the product and even improves its quality to some extent.

Last weekend I tasted my first meat cooked at low temperature in a restaurant. A piece of veal fillet of exceptionally tender, never eaten like this, cooked several hours at 55 ° C under vacuum in a water bath.
I hesitated, but it convinced me!!!

Some technical

Where to start?
There are two types of devices for evacuating the outer suction machines and chamber machines.

The machines bell are those that equip professionals because it allows a very high vacuum, setting liquids vacuum, the use of cheap plastic bags, but among the faults, for the particular, there is the very high price. And even if the price was not an obstacle such materials are imposing and heavy, they will not fall in a closet after use!!!

The machines external suction is against much less bulky, lighter and cheaper. In return they are less efficient, the vacuum is less extensive, and they should be frozen liquids and strong moist products before putting them under vacuum. It is also mandatory to use embossed bags more expensive than plain bags.
But overall, unless you make more than a dozen vacuumed daily, buying a family suction machine confine most of us and this type of material I choose.

The choice

In this market, there are all less than 30 € more than 200 € for certain professional boundary machines.
Looking on the internet, I came across demonstration videos of the FoodSaver brand, a brand that seems well known in the USA, obviously with a good reputation for quality and reliability.

Three models are from 85 € to 160 €. The differences lie in the possibility of manual adjustment of vacuum and particularly on the model Food Saver v4880 on which we can control the power vacuum. This model is cumbersome, but the roll of bags can stay inside, and it can be stored in the vertical. This is the model that I chose. Click here for the full foodsaver v4880 review.
I forgot to mention that the vacuum is not only for slow cooking purpose but also improving food preservation, especially when oneself frozen.
Often your frozen products make water which crystallizes on the surface, they dry, take not terrible and ultimately smells good to throw away. With the FoodSaver vacuum Announces Conservation 2 to 3 years for frozen houses.

For wet products such as fish, it is advisable to freeze the product quickly before putting it under vacuum to prevent the liquid from being sucked by the pump and destroy it forever. There is good security in the FoodSaver with a groove that holds the liquid and crumbs before they pass through the pump, but I do not amuse me to test the effectiveness of the device!!!

The bags

For bags, it is mandatory to use embossed bags that cost a bit more expensive than smooth bags.
The roller supplied as standard can already do some evacuated and then contrary to what one might believe it is cheaper to buy ready-made bags that roll, it’s almost 2x less!

First low-temperature cooking

I made my first test of low temperature cooking with a piece of pork tenderloin, evacuated, and then baked for 4 hours in a steam oven at 70 ° C. Since I did not yet control this type of cooking I assured the blow by sticking a probe in the heart of the net, through the plastic. The bag remained well sealed despite the hole, and I think that the rest as we do not touch the probe.
I pulled my bag from the oven when the temperature was at heart at 63 ° C at least 30 minutes. I did return the fillets to a hot pan with just olive oil net time to form a colored crust to taste through the Maillard reaction. And all comes fine!

Beautiful pinkish color and flexibility are suggesting exceptionally tender. In the mouth, it is a rediscovery of pork. Fondant, a pinch of salt simply is outstanding, after that it will be difficult to eat pork cooked this way differently !!!


During the past few months, you would have noticed that there is a cooking appliance that is catching everyone’s attention. This cooking tool is called the air fryer. As one of the latest home appliances in the market, it is becoming one of the trending tools to use in your kitchen. The air fryer currently comes in different brands and features, where you can pick the appliance that suits you the best.

The air fryer appliance manages to catch everyone’s attention thanks to its revolutional function. One of its most noticeable features is its ability to cook food without oil. Unlike normal pans and the like where you would need to cook with oil, it is possible to forego that ingredient with the air fryer. The air fryer manages to utilize the circulating air around you to finish your dish. Even though its oil-free feature is its most known asset, you’ll also be happy to note that it is not the only benefit that it comes with.

If you are wary about the usefulness of the air fryer, then look no further. This article not only provides tips and tricks to utilize your best air fryer , but it also includes different advantages and benefits that you can receive from this cooking appliance.

From home safety tips to people who can benefit from the air fryer, this article would be able to provide you answers for any question that you have regarding the air fryer. We even wrote about some recipes and ingredients that can be cooked well with the air fryer.

People Who Would Surely Benefit From The Air Fryer

As one of the most useful cooking appliances in the market, the air fryer comes with different benefits that are perfect for anyone and everyone. However, the air fryer comes with some assets that are more beneficial to certain people. Look no further, as this list would include the types of people that would benefit from it.

1. People who prefer having minimal to zero oil in their dishes.

Since the air fryer is mostly advertised for its oil free, healthy function, it goes without saying that anyone who prefers to have minimal oil in their cooking should buy this appliance. Since the air fryer can help you cook the dish that you want even without the use of oil, you would be able to use the air fryer regularly.

Just because the air fryer doesn’t use oil in its cooking doesn’t mean that you can’t cook complicated dishes. Even with its oil-free feature, the air fryer can still create different dishes such as fries, stewed pork, and even roasted chicken. As long as you know how to handle it properly, you would be able to cook any recipe that you like.

2. People who want to multitask while cooking.

Even though the air fryer is more similar to a frying pan than an oven in terms of physical appearance, the air fryer is more similar to the oven in terms of function. The air fryer is slightly intuitive as you can leave your dish in it from time to time. As long as you come back and check it up regularly, you can do other activities aside from preparing your dish.

This is a good thing for multitaskers who do not have much time in their hands. If you are running late for any appointment, then you can simply let your air fryer finish the dish while you prepare your things. This is also a good cooking appliance to use when you have to take care of other activities at the time.

3. People who prefer to speed up their cooking time.

Aside from its oil-free function, the air fryer has several other positive features. One of them is the ability of the air fryer to speed up your cooking time. Even without the use of oil for your cooking, you can be assured that your air fryer would not only finish cooking your food, but that it would also be able to speed up your cooking activity.

Since the air fryer works by utilizing the surrounding heat, it can work faster than regular cooking appliance. With the air fryer, you can finish up a meal with half of the time that you can consume if you are to use a regular pan. This is especially useful when you are late for your next activities or when you want to eat food immediately.

Benefits of Having an Air Fryer

There is many reasons why a lot of people prefer to purchase the air fryer. Whether it is because of its appearance, its functions or even the trends, there is no doubting that the air fryer is one of the fastest selling home appliances in the market.

As a great technological innovation for the home appliance industry, the air fryer doesn’t disappoint with the features that the model comes with. Its features are not only useful, but they are also wholly functional for your daily living.

Listed below are just a few of the benefits that come with the air fryer:

1. The air fryer is easy to clean.

Most people have a hard time cleaning up their cooking appliance after finishing up their meals. You wouldn’t need to experience the same difficulty with the air fryer. Since the air fryer rarely makes use of greasy materials in your cooking activities, it would be much easier to clean your air fryer.

You wouldn’t need to worry about materials like grease and oil, which are both hard to wash away. You can finish cleaning up your appliance immediately as you would have a better washing experience.

Since the air fryer also comes with the air filter, you can also be sure that your home appliance would not smell like smoke. Thanks to that feature, you can be assured that you can finish cleaning your air fryer with just a single wash.

2. The air fryer does not need oil to cook the dishes.

When you first hear of the air fryer, this is the first feature that you will learn about it. As one of its most innovative uses, the air fryer has a function that lets you skimp on using oil for any dish that you will prepare. In fact, the air fryer endorses the use of zero to minimal oil as it can manage to cook food better without the use of oil.

If you are thinking that the food that you made would taste differently, you do not have anything to worry about. Even though it does not use any oil, you can be assured that your meal would taste the same. The air fryer simply replaces the use of oil with the use of its interior heat.

The air fryer can not only create delicious meals for you, it can also assure that your current dish is much healthier than before. Because of its oil-free function, you can avoid having health problems and diseases that you can get from consuming too much oil.

3. The air fryer comes with its own air filter.

If you have already looked into different air fryers in the market, then you would have realized that most air fryers come with their own filter. Aside from using the circulating air around the appliance to cook the food, the air fryer also filters the air surrounding it.

If you are wondering what the use of the air filter is, then imagine the times that you have smelled like the meal that you were preparing. With the air filter that comes with this cooking appliance, you can avoid those situations. The air filter allows you to cook the food without worrying whether you or your room would smell like the dish that you are currently making.

Safety Tips And Tricks For Your Air Fryer

If you are going to buy your air fryer or if you already have one in your home, then you should know some tips and tricks to prolong the life of your air fryer. Even though the air fryer is not easily breakable, it is still better if you manage to take some precautions when you use it.

The air fryer is a useful tool in the kitchen. It would be unfortunate if your cooking appliance would break by accident. If you want to use your conventional cooking appliance to the best of its abilities, then it would be a good idea to take care of it properly. Make sure that you follow these tips as it can help you use your air fryer for a longer duration.

1. Make sure that you read your manual before use.

As with any appliance or even gadget that you have, it is better to read the manual first before you use your air fryer. Since the manual that came with your product contains the list of guidelines to properly utilize your tool, then it is a good idea to read it before using your air fryer.

The safety manual is your bible when it comes to your air fryer. Aside from displaying warranties, it also has a list of the things that you should and should not do with your air fryer. If you read through the instruction booklet, then you are less likely to make mistakes that can cost the functionality of your air fryer.

2. Use your air fryer regularly.

If you buy an air fryer, try to make it one of the primary tools that you use whenever you prepare your dish. Make sure that you don’t leave your air fryer unused for a log time because some of its internal circuits might take damage.

It would be much better for you to use your air fryer when you cook. Leaving your air fryer to its box after an initial use would present several problems – from circuit breakages to minor electrocution. If you buy your new air fryer, you should use it when you cook your meal. While you don’t have to use it daily if you prefer not to, it is best for you and your air fryer if you use this appliance weekly to avoid disintegration.

3. Clean your air fryer with minimal water or liquid substances.

When you clean your air fryer, try to use minimal water when you do so. In fact, it would be better if you use no water when it is time for you to clean your air fryer. Because the air fryer is an electronic device, it doesn’t work well with a lot of water on it. There are several hazardous incidents that may incur if you choose to use water to clean your air fryer. From product combustion to electrocution, there are heavy results for using water as a cleaning device.

If you are wondering about what to use in cleaning your home appliance, then I advice you to use a cloth or a rag for cleaning purposes. Since the air fryer is easy to clean by itself, using the cloth would be enough to clean your cooking appliance.

Food That You Can Make With The Air Fryer

Since the air fryer can make any type of food that you want, here are some recommendations for recipes that you can work with your air fryer.

Pasta Meals

From carbonara to chicken pesto, there are a lot of pasta meals that you can create with your air fryer. You can even make lasagna for special occasions.

Vegetable Meals

Whether you want to cook fried vegetables or soupy meals, you would be able to make it all with the air fryer. From mashed potatoes to fries, the list of vegetable recipes that you can create with the air fryer is endless.

Chicken Meals

With the air fryer, you can not only create fried chicken but also roasted chicken. You can also cook difficult chicken recipes with your air fryer, as long as you have the necessary ingredients near you.


You read this right. You can even create chocolate with the air fryer! As long as you have your cocoa and other ingredients ready, then you would be able to create a sweet delight for your friends and families.

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We get this additional period many questions about gas cylinders. To cook on camping or barbecue, you need a gas bottle, but what type of cylinder you need and what about the return and exchange? We put the most frequently asked questions in a row. Remember to find some camping meal ideas in advance

This depends on the purpose for which you are going to use the gas cylinder. Come to our store, our experienced staff to help you on your way!

Yes, gas cylinders we can exchange us for a full in our assortment. You pay only for the filling. We ensure proper disposal of empty bottles.

Last spring has changed the rules around the green Calor gas bottle but now revised again. Stating that exchange after May 1 was no longer possible, no longer apply. What about now?

  • Green gas cylinders under the age of 10 years if ingested or a fee of € 4.25.
  • Easy Blue 5 KG gas bottle (to be owned). Purchase price: € 44.95, padding: € 16.95
  • Natural Blue 6 KG lightweight steel (deposit). Purchase price: € 44.95, filling: € 19.95 / deposit € 25, –

This can be done in different ways:

  • In a steel cylinder, you can use the gas level indicator of Bo-camp. This indicates the gas level after a few minutes.
  • Weigh the cylinder. The gas cylinder is empty weight (tare) of the bottle. Weigh the cylinder and pull the empty weight from the total weight. This is the net volume of the cylinder.

This depends on the device you will use. On the unit always indicates the pressure regulator you need. Turn not from here.

Which can? Bottle transport always upright with the gas up and make them always firmly. Always close the gas tap and pull the bottle out of the car when you reach your destination. just leave an empty gas cylinder filled at an approved filling station or exchange it for a full one.

  • Always keep a bottle upright in a cool, well-ventilated place.
  • Never in the sun and dig him out.
  • A gas cylinder transport also upright with the gas up and make them always firmly.
  • Always use a pressure regulator and an approved propane hose. The pressure regulator must be replaced every five years. The house every two years. Periodically check the rubber ring not dried out or cracked. This prevents that gas may leak.
  • Put cylinders always can not accumulate in the space in a well-ventilated area, so that any gas released.
  • Always make sure that when connecting or changing gas cylinders, non-smoking and there is no open flame in the area.
  • Turn off the tap after each use, even with empty gas cylinders. Just turn the gas valve open by hand. Never use tools or force to loosen a faucet. Gets you do not open yourself the gas, bring the bottle back to the store.
  • Just leave an empty gas cylinder filled at an approved filling station or exchange it for a full one. This can join us!

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And when you do yourself for eating should ensure the evening but do not want to stand tall above the pans, then you can also opt for to serve tasty sandwiches. And it’s easy to make I put a few of my favorite recipes in a row. That’s sure to be a hit, and you do not already take too much time. For further information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/